Feedback from the Participants

BDVA 2015 in Hobart has been a great success. We had over 100 participants and the feedback from a post-conference survey was overwhelmingly positive.

“Great collection of people from a diverse range of fields.”

“It was a pleasure to attend this symposium, which really set itself apart by bringing together an extraordinary crowd of highly passionate visual analytics enthusiasts and experts.”

“Thanks for all the hard work. I enjoyed the workshop day especially.”

“Regardless of academic or professional background, any attendee of BDVA will take away some very pertinent and useful ideas when it comes to the analysis of big data using effective visualisation techniques.”

“The conference was well worth attending with a variety of excellent international speakers and interesting topics. The organising committee did a great job on both the format of the conference and also the other aspects that allowed the attendees to have a great experience. A high bar has been set this year and I'm planning to attend the next.”

“A fascinating and enjoyable conference”

“Excellent keynote speakers!”

“It was great to see the depth and breadth of research efforts in the still emerging field of visual analytics.”

“It was a shame that I was only allowed to pick one keynote to like the best. I thought they were all excellent.”

“Given that this conference was held for the first time, it was a great success: Great location, excellent organization, and very good program.”

“BDVA was an excellent conference! The presentations were of very high quality, and it was great because it brought a range of specialists together from a wide variety of disciplines. Not surprisingly, it seems we are all grappling with many of the same issues.”

“A superb small conference on BIG DATA! Great venue, presentations, speakers, social events and personal interactions unlike the big and established conferences. If there was an award for best conference of the year then BDVA should receive.”

“Outstanding people, good organization, nice food (better than in most more expensive and larger conferences I have been to), productive discussions and very inspiring. It was great!”

“BDVA was a fantastic experience. It allowed me to see where the current emphasis is on visual analytics and how it integrates with what I doing in SciVis.”

“The conference was excellent, very topical and filled a need with the research community. It was well organised and the keynote speakers were very good. And the workshop session I attended was excellent.”

“BDVA 2015 was an outstanding meeting, with great speakers, great papers, a superb venue, and excellent organization.”

“BDVA where art meets science to create understanding.”


“If you want to have the full range of topics for Big Data Visual Analytics covered by interesting presentations, plus great people to discuss them with, BDVA is the place for it. Great people, great talks, great location, great food.”

“BDVA attracts an audience of a wide variety, from computer graphics visualisation to mathematical, statistical analysis, to human-computer interaction, to digital arts. There are talks for everyone, and others that expand your mind.”



In the last decade Big Data Analytics has become a major decision support factor in industry and government organisations. Visual Analytics is the enabling science for effective exploration of big data through meaningful visualisations and interactive user interfaces. Understanding the multidisciplinary nature, including user querying, powerful analytics, machine learning, visualisation, human-computer interaction, perception and cognition, is critical for Big Data Visual Analytics to be effectively deployed. The IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Visual Analytics (BDVA) will be the first of its kind with the aims to

  • bringing together leading experts from all relevant scientific domains to advance the understanding of visual analytics of complex, big, and dynamic data;
  • providing an exciting venue for researchers to network and establish national and international collaborations; and
  • providing early career scientists with an inspiring event allowing them to connect to relevant experts in the field.

IEEE BDVA’15 will be held at the beautiful Hobart harbour site of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) on 22-25th September 2015. The symposium will host an exciting technical programme featuring internationally renowned keynote speakers, special sessions, and a day of complimentary hands-on workshops. A reception and dinner will be held for participants to mingle and network while enjoying some of the fresh produce that Tasmania is so famous for.

We hope to welcome you to Hobart to join us for IEEE BDVA’15!