Immersive Molecular Modelling Workshop

Immersive Molecular Modelling Workshop (ImmMolMod)

Preliminary Schedule and Information

In contrast to many other biochemical research areas where the applicability of immersive visualization and analysis still has to be proven, molecular data profits from spatial visualization since many years.

In this workshop, a number of tools will be presented which fall into the area of molecular modelling, docking and simulation.

Here is a preliminary number of tools which will be presented at the workshop:

  • DENBI Cloud – Cloud Computing in the Molecular Domain
  • MegaMol is a tool to visualize large molecular structures, applying dedicated graphics technology to explore complex models with multiple millions of atoms.
  • UnityMol is a project which provides the ability to immersively explore and visualize molecular data by using, e.g., Head-mounted Displays and interact with the data in 3D space.
  • CELLmicrocosmos MembraneEditor can be used to model membranes of heterogeneous shapes as a base for molecular dynamic simulations with Gromacs.
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Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and to try tools of their interest on site. We will also present some of the approaches in immersive environments with Head-mounted displays.


  • Marc Baaden (IBPC Paris)
  • Jan Byška (University of Bergen)
  • Michael Krone (Tübingen University)
  • Jens Krüger (High Performance and Cloud Computing, IT Center Tübingen)
  • Björn Sommer (University of Konstanz)